Paper at IC2E 2017: "Revising OpenStack to Operate Fog/Edge Computing Infrastructures"

Our paper “Revising OpenStack to Operate Fog/Edge Computing Infrastructures” is to appear at the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IEEE IC2E) conference that will take place in Vancouver, Canada in early April 2017.

This paper, coauthored with Adrien Lebre, Jonathan Pastor and Frederic Desprez, presents and eveluates a design for a highly distributed OpenStack suited for Fog/Edge Computing.
The infrastructures considered here are composed of numerous small data centers that are volatile (they mail fail/recover at any time) and geographically distributed over large territories (potentially implying high latencies). OpenStack has two main blocking points to operate such infrastructures that are the message bus (RabbitMQ) and the SQL backend (MariaDB, a fork of MySQL).
Here we address the SQL backend: when subject to network latencies higher than 10ms, the performance of Galera (the synchronous replication-based cluster solution for MySQL) collapse. We propose and eveluate an OpenStack deployment where MariaDB is replaced with the Redis NoSQL database and

Like most of my current work, this research is part of and funded by the Discovery Initiative.

The full text is available here.