Dr. Anthony SIMONET's webpage

Post-doctoral researcher at Inria & Institut Mines-Télécom.

I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Lyon and the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Lyon, France, as part of the Avalon project team of the LIP laboratory.

Before that, I obtained a Master's degree from the University of Bordeaux.

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Research interests

As part of the Discovery initiative, my research currently focuses on massively distributed cloud computing infrastructures. In particular, I study the energy model of these platforms and the management of data (virtual appliances and user data) in a context where the infrastructure is dynamic (datacenters may appear and disappear at any time) and users are mobile.

I am also interested in data management for distributed data-intensive applications, and in hybrid distributed infrastructures. I aim at finding and providing means of using large and heterogeneous computing and storage ressources in a transparent way for users, providing abstractions and models to ease the development of dava-intensive and high performance applications.

Ph.D work

During my Ph.D. I developed Active Data. Active Data is a meta-model for representing the end-to-end life cycle of data distributed across multiple systems and infrastructures. Active Data is also a programming model and an implementation that helps developing managing the life cycle of distributed data. The idea borrows from event programming while relying on data transition events. The resulting programming model is data-centric and implicitly parallel. To learn more about Active Data you can visit the brand website at http://active-data.gforge.inria.fr.